Sky Ferreira – You’re Not The One

It seems all a brilliant lady artist can sing about these days is breaking the hell out of the hearts of the men of the world. Poor us. On the plus, those of us who haven’t felt the direct hit from these fiery female songstresses have been getting crazy amounts of epic songs out of it.

This time, our highlighted female artist is not from Europe despite sounding very reminiscent of acts like Say Lou Lou, Kate Boy and Chloe Howl. Sky Ferreira hails from the big apple, NYC and according to her facebook page, describes her music as “Dutch Pop/Chinese Pop/French Pop”. Bizarre, but I guess given the location of some of these aforementioned similar acts I’d say it could very well be accurate.

You’re Not The One was only uploaded to YouTube two months ago and has already racked up over one million views, which for an artist who is relatively unheard of in Australia, is pretty impressive to an Australian. It’s a mix of 80’s high-pitched crunch guitar and smooth yet spiteful dream-pop-ish vocals that whip around a bouncy bass drop like a girl who knows she’s won a break-up. The film clip adds to this ten-fold. It’s full of colourful strobes, shadows and light play, leather and sunglasses, sex appeal and violence.

Considering she’s got over one million views, I’m assuming she’s extremely popular somewhere in the world. If you’re from this magical place, shout with another suggestion?

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